Helping Clients Through Their Decision-Making Process

David Swain,

165125803A recent client called on us for help with some of the major issues that had arisen, as an externality of making the transition from start-up to steady-state. As is the case with many groups in such flux, this client was in need of organization. It was still in that infancy phase where everyone does everything in an almost complete lack of structure, and several challenges had reared their ugly heads, some as fundamental as decision-making.

Are You Sure This is Going to Work? The Counterintuitive Approach to Team Coaching

David Swain,

AA031119There are times when our approach to team coaching may seem counterintuitive; our prescription might seem contraindicative to your particular issue. The problem your team is encountering just might be a symptom of something deeper. Such was the case with a recent client whose productivity was stunted. But after doing some initial digging, we found that the problem lay elsewhere.

Why Leadership is the Loneliest Role – and What You Can Do About It

David Swain,

There is a significant difference between being a line manager and being the CEO, and the old adage rings trues: “It’s lonely at the top.” The loneliness itself results from the isolation of the position.

This isolation may have a variety of root causes:

  • The leader may have risen through the ranks and is now in a position of supervising people who used to be peers.
  • The leader cannot share information with their direct reports because many of the decisions directly affect these people.
  • The Board of Directors looks to the leader for a recommendation or decision and is not always the best resource for the leader to debate ideas.

Are You Sure You Need Leadership Development? Team Coaching May Be The Answer (Ontario Ministry Case Study)

David Swain,

Recently, I was called in by a Deputy Minister in the Ontario Public Service and his assistant to support an organizational change initiative. It soon became apparent that what they thought they needed – traditional leadership development – was not going to be as effective as long-term team coaching. The coaching model would allow them to delve deeper into the critical dimensions of what made an effective team.

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